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This is a record of all the recommendations posted on the boxingbets blog. Each recommendation is given a points rating from 1/4 pt to 5 pts (where 5 is maximum rated) to indicate the strength of the bet, and level of stake to be applied.

06.09.2008 Amir Khan to beat Prescott by decision 9/1 LOST -1pt
06.09.2008 Amir Khan to beat Prescott in rounds 10-12 14/1 LOST - 1/2 pt
06.09.2008 Nicky Cook to beat Alex Arthur outright 10/3 WON (2ptsx10/3) + 6.7pts
06.09.2008 Nicky Cook to beat Alex Arthur in rounds 10-12 40/1 LOST - 1pt

13.09.2008 Andreas Kotelnik v Norio Kimura over 9.5 rounds WON (2ptsx2/7) + 0.57pts
27.09.2008 Andre Berto to beat Steve Forbes rounds 6,7,8,9,10,11,12 LOST - 1pt
27.09.2008 Denis Inkin to beat Fulgencio Zuniga by decision WON + 3pts
27.09.2008 Fulgencio Zuniga to beat Denis Inkin rounds 9,10,11,12 LOST -1/2pt

03.10.2008 James De la Rosa to beat Tim Coleman outright WON + 0.6pts

Total P/L as of 27.09.2008: Idea+6.87ptsIdea

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